I'm Mizzy.

I am an artist. I am Japanese. I like latex & bdsm. I grew up in Iowa, attending grad school in Georgia.

My art website is mizukikatakura.com

Anonymous asked: Hi Mizzy, love your page. I love Asian women wearing latex, there aren't many ;-( Especially Japanese - why? Is that not hot in Asian eyes? Can you wear a full rubber suit with gasmask next time, please?! Thanks Dan

Thanks! I agree latex isn’t as popular in Japan, though I’m not sure why, because BDSM is very popular. I’ve heard that Japanese people don’t look as good in latex anyway because we don’t have the boobs… nor the butt… or any meat for that matter… while busty, heavier western women look the most attractive in tightly confining latex.  Most Japanese girls, especially models and idols who are more likely to be photographed wearing this kind of stuff, are anorexic-skinny, so I can kind of see that.  I’m 20 pounds overweight and a foot too tall in Japan, so I’m not really your standard Japanese girl in that sense :P

Full rubber suit with gas mask, understood.

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